fissemaddenzchn replied to your post “fissemaddenzchn replied to your post “Dear followers,” oi not all of…”

kidding u know I love you and that I completely understand!



fissemaddenzchn replied to your post “Dear followers,”

oi not all of us! .. but now u c why I said I’m not part of the fandom, learned my lessons during Torchwood^^

i know, not all of you. and i didn’t mean ANY of my followers. as i wrote: most of the people in this fandom are the good kind of crazy. :))))


Dear followers,

as some of you noticed, i haven’t made a single post these past few weeks. i needed a break from sad merlin posts on my dash and from all that shit that supernatural fandom does: all that hatred, the ship wars and that stupid competition between jensen fans and jared fans and misha fans…

so i left and… started another blog. no, it has nothing to do with merlin or supernatural, but the fans of life on mars probably know which blog i’m talking about ;) anyways, the point is that i thought, that after a while i will come back here but it’s been almost a month and i’m happy the way it is. so…

this is me, saying goodbye.

dear merlin fandom: thank you for not unfollowing me when i started adding new fandoms to this blog. it’s been an honour to laugh and cry with you. you guys, are the best and i will always remember how happy i was watching this stupid, heartbreaking show with you. i will never forget it and i will never forget you.

dear supernatural fandom: thank you for keeping me away from all that unpleasant stuff that’s going on here. thank you for your silly, funny, stupid posts. i know, most of you guys are the good kind of crazy, who are as tired with that other part of this fandom as i am.

dear life on mars and mad dogs fandom: thank you for following me despite the fact that this blog is 60% supernatural and 30% merthur. words can’t express my gratitude. ;)))


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Salvation is near
Salvation is near

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"Cas let me down. You let me down. The only person who hasn’t let me down is Benny.”

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